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Emerald J. Stornes & The story of Emeraldluvsonyx (ELO)
Written by. Kierra Lewis

"TrapMoneyEmmy" is what they called her in High School. From being her High School's biggest hustler at 16, Emerald finally discovered her true Entrepreneurial calling In December 2020. "It all started from an Injury," she says. In April 2019, Emerald injured her knee in her gym class which caused her to stay home for over two weeks without contact with the outside world. During her boredom, she began creating and developing formulations for lotion, lip scrubs, lip gloss, and much more. Once Emerald became well enough to return to school, she immediately began selling to young ladies in her High School who quickly fell in love with her products. Emerald knew from that day forward that being an Entrepreneur was God's calling for her life, and when God says "Yes," no one can say "No."

From her many failed businesses, Emerald became discouraged and resorted to a minimum wage 9-5 Job in the School cafeteria while being a new college student. "I cried my eyes out daily because I was so depressed and no one knew. I begged God to show me the next steps in my life because I knew this wasn't the end of my story". Emerald worked countless hours for only $200 a week. Emerald began saving $150 a week in an attempt to start a new business, although she needed to know what she'd be selling. "One night, God came to me in a dream and showed me that I'd be selling Feminine Hygiene products.". Having God-sent dreams and dealing with the typical "youngster" life issues became overwhelming. Emerald was determined to be her best self and started what we know today as "Emeraldluvsonyx."

Emeraldluvsonyx officially started in May of 2021 in her bedroom with only 25 feminine washes and ten yoni oils at the age of 19. Emerald researched day and night how to connect with her audience and market her products to people around the world. Determined to make an impact, she started a Tik Tok account that blew up overnight and gained nearly 5,000 new customers with a video hitting 1,200,000 views overnight. From this point on, she knew that ELO would be the Hygiene product that changed the game. Since starting in May of 2021, Emeraldluvsonyx has changed and impacted the lives of over 17,000+ women.

If Emerald can accomplish this at the young age of 20, so can you, and so can anyone. Emerald's motto for success is "You'll get nothing for free." With hard work, Strong faith, Great marketing, and an open mind, Emerald believes you can achieve your heart's desire. Emeraldluvsonyx is a brand formulated with you in mind, and your Vulva is safe here.