Is vaginal dryness normal?

Is vaginal dryness normal?

Is vaginal dryness normal?

What are the causes of Vaginal dryness?.Millions of Women around the world experience Vaginal dryness in their lifetime. According to Vaginal dryness happens when the tissues in your Vagina are dry, thin, and not well moisturized. Vaginal dryness also may occur during Menopause, and many Vaginal infections. Are you suspecting you may be suffering with Vaginal dryness? if so, pay attention to what may be the symptoms of dryness.

Reduced Estrogen levels are the #1 causes of Vaginal dryness. Symptoms of Vaginal dryness may be feeling sore or itchy in and around your Vagina, feeling discomfort or pain during sexual activities, having to urinate frequently, and constantly suffering with Urinary tract infections (UTI'S). Vaginal dryness is curable although it may take time to fix, here are some ways to increase vaginal dryness below:

1.) Emeraldluvsonyx Juicy vulva oil & or Mango yoni oil

Emeraldluvsonyx yoni oil(s) are known to rid vaginal dryness and increase moisture. This yoni oil is packed with 5+ organic ingredients known to treat dryness caused by infections, Menopause, or simply low estrogen levels.




 2.) Slippery elm capsules

Slippery elm bark is best known for naturally increasing lubrication alongside many other great health benefits. 2 capsules a day takes the dryness away.


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